Sunday, June 10, 2007

you turned TWO

here's the over-due post about your 2nd birthday. before you turn 25 months in a few day's it goes, as much as i can recall...

11 may 2007, beautiful sunny day. cool spring zephyr in the air.

papa's even was over, we could spend a day with him. we decided to go down town san diego, gaslamp quaters.

sum up this special day in a few words:

shopped, balloons, pictures click click click, noisey italian restaurant, sparkling birthday candel on 1st tiamisu...sarah watched in amazement! sing our way hom=), ribbons, fairy, sweet dreamsss...

you were not at your best behavior i have to say. but as the day moved on, it got better. you are trying to communicate something to us. though we are doing that better now, all 3 of us, you papa and mama need to be more patient with each other still.

i cannot figure out what to do. mama wonder how can i do a better job in leading you along the "right path"...but which is right or which seem right, but is actually wrong?
countless questions i asked myself all the time. I did alot more during the trip. paid close attention to you, your reactions, your tantrums, your joy etc...

at the end i told myself,
"...just enjoy the moments with her...i'll figure some of them out later..."...which i did =)

birthday present from mama to you, someday,
hope that someday you will read it and remember the words

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