Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Papa

It's Father's Day today.

we went to church together. You were playing with your baby&stroller the whole time...until you started to cry in the church, cos you were upset with papa giving another lil' girl a sweet! Oh Sarah, papa loves you!

we had lunch with jancy ah-yi at wine co. I watched papa and you chatting and playing at the counter. lovely sight. brough smiles to mama's face.

at home, papa was giving you a shower, afetr a long persuasion and promise of fun with beach toys! Heard you two chatting about the toys, the! =)

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Ang Leng Hong said...

She definitely remembers what Dr Yam told her and she did not even ask for it when I felt asleep.

Poor girl. Learning to let go at this tender age.

Part of growing up for her and us to accept that someday she will be on her own...

As all parents, we will never be able to let go.

Stay fast.