Tuesday, June 19, 2007

letting go...1

it was as if you knew what he was telling you, like you understood.

dr yam said that i should consider stop nursing you, even though i'm only nursing you a little.

i turned to you and said "...that's what the doctor said."

you nodded, looking steadily at dr yam. my heart ached a little.

i asked you later again, if you remember what dr yam said. you told me

"...no more nan-nan." in you small little voice.

just now when you went to bed. you did not ask for me nor "nannan". mama knows that you tried hard, you asked for extra helping of milk after playing till papa snoozed... but you were too tired to drink it.

sarah, my sarah.

waiting for our turn ( the private suite, kk hospital, singapore)

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Ang Leng Hong said...

She definitely remembers what Dr Yam told her and she did not even ask for it when I felt asleep.

Poor girl. Learning to let go at this tender age.

Part of growing up for her and us to accept that someday she will be on her own...

As all parents, we will never be able to let go.

Stay fast.