Monday, December 17, 2007

long over-due update

it has been another month of packed schedule and bleak of impossibility to get by each week. lets take stock of the month's development...
fun time at the earth day picnic with childcare centre at the labrabor park. our centre (ghim moh) won 1st prize in the mascot competition! papa was the recycled man in carton box, newspaper head gear and a paper hear! teachers and friends were all proud =) the best part of the day was all fun and learning about being green and loving planet earth!
then there was a week that mama most dreaded. mama when to the uk for work. whilst mama was happy to visit the country again, it was painful to not see you. i tried not to think too much about it, and imagine in future days, the great places to show and enjoy with you.
the week went by pretty quickly and we zoomed off to hong kong straight after mama came back to singapore! wow, it was wonderful to be able to spend all the time with you. we first went to disneyland, and met ba-gonggong, ah-mah, kaykay jj, wai yee jj, wai meng gor-gor, wai hong gor-gor at the disneyland hollywood hotel. it was very exciting for everyone to meet in another country other then the one we normally stayed in.
the next 7 days were time very well spent. disneyland with jj and gorgor, taking each day slowly, no rush, mama not having to worry about the loads of work waiting for me in the office. mama was determined to spend quality time with you. even engineered time for papa to go out with wai meng gor-gor!! heehee =) we also got to meet up with cheng-yi, fay fay jj and uncle simon!
God has been really kind to us sarah! indeed so so blessed!

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