Friday, December 28, 2007

"...papa! there you are! I looking for you!..."

that's what you can say now at 31 month old.

you are an amazing kid.

on the relationship chart, mama is on the up! or maybe i have lowered my expectations, hence feel that i am doing quite well! haha...

sad to say, i know i will go down again, with the new year kicks in, more work in the office more hours away from you. mama is scared! papa is going back to school, mama is resuming full responsibilities for some difficult/long-hour/challenging work... i really don't wanna go down on the chart. mama will try my outmost best ok? something got to go. i wonder wat else has to go...

mint cafe, mint museum of toys cafe, seah st, singapore

(discovering new places with papa)

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Ang Leng Hong said...

can see u in the mirror!!