Sunday, January 20, 2008

new year new school

day we went to register at nyps.  yummy lemon cupcake. holland village

this is a new year that many chages in our daily lives take place.

you started to attend a ''new schooll''. you call it ''chinese school. it is actually nanyang kindergarten.

mama was glad to be able to be with you the 1st 2 days. you abapted well & like the new environment. mama was very worried about the logistics of you missing lunch, nap and a care taker to bring you to and from pick up point of school bus. also how well will you settle in the arrangement of school bus...

mama was confident though, that God will make it right. if attending chinese school is too much for you, God will let me know.

mama felt bad really. didn't want to give up the chance of getting you in this good school that many regard it. i wasn't sure if it was worth missing nap, lunch and time with friends in childcare for.

gradually, but surely, things fall into place. you got used to being alone in the school bus from the 3rd day! papa watch you from afar in school and when aunt jessie came fetch you to pick up point. and yes, God provides! bus attendant (aunt jessie) is very kind to agree to help us.

you are stll very tired cos ususally you miss nap by the time you return to childcare centre.  mama is confident that things will work out well.  if it is too much for you, God will help.

2nd day at nyps, assemble to wait for school bus. very hungry girl.

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