Monday, May 12, 2008

you turned 3

daily prayers at childcare (mama finally got to watch you!)

you were rather shy...

your friends!...

on your actual birthday 11.05.08 (Sun) - turquoise room

admiring snow white...

you have finally crossed the baby mark, officially a toddler!

everyone around seem excited about your birthday and that you were turning 3!

mama watched you, feeling a little melancholic about the fact that you are growing you too fast...but then again, i am always feeling this way.

perhaps my plan of being with you every step of the way did not exactly happen. it did not happen the way i wanted it to be anyway.

mama made the choice of returning to work. not realising that work overcame me so much that i often could not pull myself away.

anyway back to your big day!

see these lovely pictures!

by the way - Green is your favourite. colour and 5 is your favourite number!...oh and 3 too (u added that since you turned 3!)

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