Monday, November 10, 2008


a few days ago dr yam told us that meimei will be arriving early.  

we will see her on 11 nov 08 instead of originally 22 nov 08. that was a pleasant surprise, but also made mama nervous.

that means your wait will soon be over, that means  you will be ''promoted'' sooner... that means mama have less carefree days to be with you  (well we can still do that when meimei is here)... that means this family will soon be  a family of 4 instead of 3...

at last, the day is so close, it's tomorrow!

mama can only remember the last 2 days.  you haven't been well.  in fact you have stomach flu.  but you are still cheerful & continue to amaze with the wonderful things you say =)  and the way you seem to change and progress.

one of the happiest thing for me since i stop working is to be able to notice so many little & big changes in you!

"sarah, you have to help mama think of meimei's name, really!  she will be here very soon!" we revisited this topic

" mama, i want meimei call 'mama'" you answered cheerfully.

"huh? 'mama'? why?"

" cos i love you!" you said it as-a-matter-of-factly 

=) you really know how to warm my heart

today we spent our day at home, playing  and packing 

occasionally i will call out to you and show you little clothings that are so cute for mei mei.  then i will show you some that you used to wear when you were a (tiny-little) baby.  You will smile... after awhile you will pretend to smile...cos really i was interrupting you...haha, silly me.

gone through the drill for tomorrow with you a few times now, so let's look forward to meet meimei tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

come Nov 11, Sarah will be Sarah 姐姐 :-) She will have 妹妹 to play with, cuddle ... 妹妹 shares many common things with 姑姑

1) same chinese zodiac, Rat > same as mama also
2) same angmo zodiac, Scorpion
3) birthday is made up of the "1"s ... 01/11 vs 11/11