Sunday, November 16, 2008

growing up so fast

fun picture of you

on  11 nov morning, mama was looking forward to see you when i was lying alone in the hospital bed.  meimei was not back from the nursery room yet.

you appeared behind the curtain in your bright cheerful red dress.  suddenly, mama realised that you have grown up overnight?  maybe it s just me.

since that moment, every time i look at you, i tell myself she has grown up so fast.  i felt as if i have been robbed by time, or by some mysterious force... mama cannot explain.

you have received meimei well.  sometimes you are a little ''afraid'' of her cos she is so tiny.  

"meimei is so cute!" you told me this morning while you were brushing your teeth.

you told me you want to play hide & seek with her when she is older, and you will feed her porridge when she is bigger ( like nigel didi)

you are jiejie now!

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