Saturday, December 06, 2008

you love her!

you really dote on hanah.  
a few days ago, mama called hanah "cheeky baby".

you jumped to her defense, ", mama she is small, she dono."  in fact thats how you react to when i called hanah "naughty girl" when she was not very cooperative! 

you have reminded me many times, 妹妹 is still small, 
she dono...!

hello mmmm妹妹!!! - lovely 

every morning before you go to the childcare and evenings when you come home, you will say hello to hanah in a teeny yet affectionate voice.  it melts my heart every time =)

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Xuefen Ah Yi said...

Sarah, you have been a great jie-jie to Hanah mei-mei, selfless, caring...Xuefen Ah Yi is proud of you :>