Monday, June 22, 2009

down with mumps

some fun while you heal...
猪头皮 - the nickname of mumps in Chinese
writing a "虎" (tiger) will shoo away the 猪 (pig)
Written by a person born in the year of tiger (ah-ma) will be even more effective

how could mama let it happen? how did the virus manage to get you?

i have been thinking hard. i haveno answer.

when i read you bedtime storie at 10pm, you were still well. you complained about pain near your jaw, we thought it was just the heatiness in you. when you woke at 12 am complaining pain, papa checked and realised that you look different. your salivary glands swelled up on both sides. papa brought you to the hospital.

i cried when you come home from the hospital yesterday at 3am. you were cheerful.

"boo! make you jump!" - you exclaimed. but you look so different that it was heart-wretching!

you fell asleep after much persuasion.

that night i dreamt of you. we were having a holiday, seem like the place i wanted to bring you when you next visit KL ...

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Tracy said...

Must be painful for the little girl and painful for mummy to bear. Sarah, do get well soon.