Friday, June 19, 2009

while we were away

mama took a trip with 妹妹 to KL. papa and you stayed in singapore. we promised you that you can go to (much-anticipated) soong weng's birthday party. you were very excited. papa & i can't bear to have you miss it.

you had great fun!
(from left: naomi,soong weng, you & ethan

mama missed you so much. i know you missed me too.

when we returned after mere 5 days, you seem to have grown more then i can imagine!

while we were away, i found myself talking about you, looking out for things that you'd enjoy so i can show you next time you visit.

while we were away you have grown.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

U definitely missed Sarah very much when u were in KL. I'm sure she missed u too.

Anyway, it was nice meeting u. U seem to be a 'serious' person from ur blog but when I met u, I found dat u were not only very friendly but a jovial, loving and a very pretty mum.

Hope to meet u again.