Wednesday, January 27, 2010

colourful beginning of another journey

we are still unsure if this is right. with faith, some encouragement to each other, papa & mama decided to go ahead and volunteer our services to a primary school that we think may be good for you.

  • fill in a form
  • send in an application
  • a phone call from the school ( yeeks!!)
  • interview with the school
  • induction to the volunteer program (PVG)
  • it begins...
activity no 1. : contact time - art
mama actually enjoyed the session very much. i spent an hour guiding some p2 girls in tile printing.
some of them made me smile- each have different personalities and name tags! i can call each of the 姐姐 by names.

bonus: get to wave hello to ky-linn 姐姐. unfortunately i won't get to spend time with her class.


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