Wednesday, February 03, 2010

parent volunteer - installment 2

game area
(minus the restless children)

mama was so happy when they accepted my offer to volunteer this morning.

this is probably hardly amusing nor proud to blog about for many parent, but i want to share our (papa's & mama's) journey with you ( and 妹妹).

today i got to spend the whole morning volunteering - 2 sessions as follows:

session 1 - mother tongue week
assist teachers it facilitating games
our game: 15 meter 3-legged race for at least 300 girls! all in batches of about 30 of course.

made a friend - aunt ke. turned out that she has a (3rd) daughter born 1 day after 瑞君! what a co-incident. =) we first met last week when we both were lost on first day of volunteering. haha...
as usual, mama will always find ways to have fun and play with the children.

session 2 - contact time art (tile sponging)
facilitate art work for primary 2 girls

beautiful art work left to dry outside the classroom
the girls are so creative in their own ways

mama's personal fav!
(work by: little rachel)

need i mention the fun i had?!

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