Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hello again!

It's been days since I last write. We have been to Bangkok and back! It was a great trip.

It was also the first trip that Auntie Elaine and Mama gone on a trip together since we met 21years ago! That's a long time. And I am glad that you have come with us!

Bangkok was fun cos we stayed at comfy Davis hotel, saw a bit of this vibrant city, spent time with friends and family! Bah Gong, Ah Mah, Peng Yi, Dai yi, uncle Quah, Bobby Yi-jeong, Shar-linn JJ and Kyl-linn JJ were ALLLLLLL there!

You have been down with flu since we came back from Bangkok. Mama feel bad, like I did not protect you from the bugs =( Cos Mama was not feeling too well in Bangkok ( yes, I still did enjoy the time with you) But like always, you stayed cheerful and very active.

Papa and I also discover the many changes about you. You certainly have grown! Like a ''big'' girl with your own mind and thoughts. You can now entertain yourself for a lil'while longer and allow mama to do some house work. You enjoy watching baby programme too (only for 15 min). I think you prefered the musical Baby Einstein more then the language one. You enjoy palying in th play-pen now, but mama got to be by your side and you are exploring more around the flat...always turning back to look for me, as if checking if I'm around or seeking for my approval. You have no idea how happy you have made me! We have also realised today at Peng Yi's house that you could crawl up stairs and walk round a table with support. You made us so proud.

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