Saturday, January 07, 2006

Home with you

Last 2 days have been one of the rare time that you & I stayed home all the day. It's as fun staying home with you as going out.

You used to be a lot tougher to stay home with a few months ago. That started us going out EVERYDAY!! Guess you can now crawl so well, and excited to explore around which you could not do few months ago.

You had so much fun exploring the living room. Occasionally looked back to look for me, and sometimes as if you were trying ot show me what you have discovered. Today I let you sat on the washing machine for a short while. You were delighted! =) You looked at me gladly with a big contented smiled and went ahead to press the tiny buttons on the washer.

Papa is back form Bintan today. He made an early return cos he missed you so much. We came home from aunt Carol's place, you were sound asleep in the back of the car, as usual. When you woke, you were so glad to see Papa. You are always very happy to be home. Showered, and spend some play time with Papa. You are out-growing the wondersuit that Ah-mah bought you. But Mama still want to see you in it some more. You look so lovely in it. Bright and cheerful. As expected, you played till 1am, still refusing to sleep.

Tomorrow we are making another holiday trip. This time is to Bangkok, Thailand. I am excited. This time hopefully it's more leisurely then our holiday to Korea 2 weeks ago. Guess where ever we go as a family, we will enjoy it.

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