Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Infant Care Centre

We have finally registered you to the infantcare centre. You will start 1st March, it's a Wednesday. You are going to the Prebyterian Community Services, Ghim Moh Child Care Centre.

Mama's heart was so heavy when we were making our way to the centre. Secretly, I was hoping that the principal (Miss Ang) tell us that the centre cannot take you. But of course that was just my imagination.

Momments later...I felt better.

After meeting Miss Ang this again this time, I am more assured that sending you to the centre are as scary as I thought. Miss Ang showed me around the centre and explained the routines that you will be going through each day. Best of all, she said Mama can be there with you when I want to. I guess at least for the first few days, Mama will try to stay for awhile. As I want you to get used to being in the environment that I am not around. I was also more assured when I saw you getting so excited when in the care-centre environment. Hopefully you will really enjoy your stay there.

So Sarah, let's look forward to our new adventure!

Mama's promise: You will continue to go there only when you truly benefit from it.

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