Thursday, February 16, 2006

What will I do?

Number of people are asking me recently, "... how? What will happen to her when she gets in?...what will she do?...poor Sarah!"

I don't have the answers.

I don't dare to share the images I have of you in the infantcare centre. Mainly of your tearful eyes, redness on your lil' nose, brows and cheeks...=( Ocassionally, I imagined you sleeping soundly during your nap, having fun with the teacher, crawling around and enjoying the songs that the teacher sings to you and the other little darlings. I also tried imagining the scene at the beginning & the end of the day, my heart breaks, cannot imagine anymore.

Then it struck me today that I may be the one that will be lost.

"...what will I do?!" I asked myself...

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Ang Leng Hong said...

This is part of the 'letting go' process we have to go through our lives now as parents (sound foriegn to me still).

Let's take one step at a time and see how she adjust to this stage and for us to learn to let go.

So, if you miss her, just take Sarah back...hopefully, by the time you re-join the workforce, it will be less painful for both of us.

Great that you are sharing your feelings on the blog...