Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lala lala, Lala lala Elmo's world...

a transcript of MSN conversation with Kit-gu this morning...

CKitPOO says:
hee hee..

CKitPOO says:
good morning

CKitPOO says:
this morning,

CKitPOO says:
ah ba gong gong took out that elmo toy

CKitPOO says:
and I think he was working on the battery

CKitPOO says:
getting ready for the lil angel to come home

ChooiYEe says:
thats sweet

CKitPOO says:
he ehee.. when I came downstairs for brekkie, I heard the toy "went off", and I tot who playing with the toy so early in the morning

The Elmo toy is one of your fav. toy you have back in KL home. Mama has always left them there so that you will be delinghted to see them when you go home to Sierramas.

Bah-gong gong is always very attentive & caring to all of us...especially lil'babies like you! He is a blessing indeed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey...gotta sing you that Elmo song...
you know how to sing that song?

lala lalala Elmo song