Monday, February 27, 2006

Jingjiang, a special place

Another trip home to KL, another wonderful time spent with everyone there.

This time we were home for ah-Fong ahyi's wedding. You know she is Mama's 1st attempt to nappy change!

Mama took the chance to bring you to the wet market that I frequent when I was growing up in Jinjang (KL). I wanted to show Papa and you this special lace before it disappreared. Looks like it was more fun for Papa and I ( and May-yi, uncle Danny and Leng-yi) then you!


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Ang Leng Hong said...

Glad that Mama bring Papa to this place to show us around...this is one of the reasons we grow up appreciating our lives and being today because we did not have the blessings that you got now...of course, we don't want you to go through the same way like us but I am sure your world will be different from us. However, it is good that you understand this part of our lives so that you can be stronger person in the future.

(CY: Too small typos "lace" = "place", "then" = "than")