Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Over packing?

Spent the day out with you. Lunched with Xuefen ahyi and Jancy ahyi; went last minute shopping for things that you need at the centre. We've been to some of our ''usual joints''.

My heart has been so heavy.

Ran into some old friends in Robinsons. I was reminded how "poor thing'' it is to send you in. The gentle pleading of people that care re-surfaced in my mind. As auntie Sally went on...I was actually thinking of the possibility of not sending you to the centre! But I know we need to try this out. Papa, you and I. The sooner we find out if this is a good idea the better. Forgive Mama for being so hard-hearted ;(

As I was nursing you to sleep, my mind was making a list of things to pack, while I was packing and labelling your things, my mind was wondering how the care-givers at the centre know your likes/dislikes. I try to pack according to Miss Ang's (the Principal's) list and not over pack. But some of the things, you do NEED them! I wonder if I should pack your fav toys too (handphone, Pooh Bear book, etc)... :p

In a few hours time we will be heading to the infant care centre. Mama better get some sleep.

I Love you! Mama remembers my promise...

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