Saturday, April 29, 2006

Developments at the daycare

now going to the daycare is so painless for you. you do not need Wiinie or any teachers to carry you when i send you there. i can just leave you to play with wenjie, nicholas or thaddieus (they are usually the ones hanging around that corner). you will wave good-bye to me when i say ta-ta or wave to you. =) i am glad.

you have certainly learnt a lot at the daycare. you interact so well with others and a lot more that papa & mama will discover. it has been really great to notice the little changes in you. be it your actions, your laughter and little sounds you are making.

you have been bitten on your hand and fingers by your 'classmates' over the last few days. as much as mama understand that such things happens, my heart ache when i saw the marks and when Wiinie (your fav teacher) told me that you cried a little. janelle and joe young are harmless. they are just playful friends you have. i think janelle likes you. her mummy said she 'talked' about you on her way home sometimes. she is the most articulate girl in your group.

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