Sunday, April 30, 2006

huge baby steps

it is a few days before your birthday. secretly, mama wish that you can walk before you turn one (sorry!)

you have been able to stand, cruise etc. but mama hadn't seen you walk. teachers in daycare told me that you have started. on one hand mama was happy, on the other, i was disappointed. cos it meant that on your FIRST STEP, i was not there. i guess i am going to miss your many firsts as you are now in the daycare.

on 28 april 2006, mama witnessed, for the first time, your first step. i was overjoyed. if only papa was there too to witness it together. 29 april 2006. you made a few more steps! FOUR, i counted. four huge baby steps! wow. papa and i looked at you and at each other, wide-eyes, big smiles. =) =)

in the evening, more steps. SEVEN, i counted again!

Sarah, you are terrific! walking, or standing. sleeping or eating. singing or smiling...

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Carol said...

Dear CY,
This is Carol here. Sarah shoes are so cute ! And time flies...turning one soon :)