Tuesday, April 25, 2006


it's monday again. mama is worried that you may not be too happy going to the day care.

handed you over to the teacher, you did not struggle, "good...," i thought.

waved bye-bye to you, but you were already focusing your friends thaddieus, wenjie etc...

mama's heart sank a little...

blew you a flying-kiss, you looked, but not affected.

" wow she has really settled down here now," mama thought.

the teacher noticed a shadow still hanging around, she turned and smiled to me.

mama smiled back, thanked her, and walked to the gate.

i do not need to peep through the windows anymore, as i know, you were already having fun!

feeling happy for you, yet with melancholy in my footsteps, i left.

end of the day, when i come to get you. the joy and excitement you show when you see me melts my heart. all the insecurity i felt this morning seem silly and unnecessary. =)

you put your forehead on mine readily when i offered you mine, life is sweet and so close to perfection that moment!

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