Thursday, November 30, 2006

mama(papa)! sit ... draw bear bear!

you are talking a lot more, doing a lot more, knowing, observing, enjoying.

a quick up date ...
today is your last day at infant care. you have been the oldest child fro the past month. tomorrow you will be the youngest among the children in day care. heehee...

today mama will wash your uniform rompers for the last time. how time flies. i still remember the day we first went to the daycare. we cried buckets. boohoo...

you can and want to eat on your own now. i have to say you do real good for a baby (yeah, to me you are always a baby) your age. quiet a neat eater too =)

you can say so many words now, understand mama and papa much better. there fore there are less fustration for you and us!

you can say-

  • mama, papa, jj, mei mei, gong gong, Ma (ah ma)
    dog/wowow, get(cat), horh (horse, you'll show riding), duck, bear, beet(rabbit),pig (only the ones with pink noses), mmmhh (cow)
  • eye, no(nose), neck, mau(mouth)
    draw, walk, sit, eat, hug
    sh (thanks/ xie xie), sh (please), sh (sorry) - hahaha...
    men (amen, with hands together), hot, hot (cold)
  • nan nan (mama's milk), milk
  • your most expressive words - mama!, papa!,...and (sigh) NO!

you do know so many things beyond the words you can say. mama don't know where to start!

the one thing you do real well, consistantly well is making me happy. so happy. you know sometimes i'm so happy wanna cry!!

something doesn't change
you still love to have xuanxuan around. in fact now that she and her mummy and jj comes are staying in singapore for past 2 weeks, you asked for them almost every morning.

''mei mei?!'' you love her.

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