Sunday, March 18, 2007


this weekend is fun fun fun for you.

saturday 17 march 2007


today we went to baby natelie's 1 month party. she is a beautiful baby of aunt sandra. natelie is borned on 15 febuary 2007! 1 day after st valentines day, 1 day before chinese new year.

then we went o xuefen ahyi's place for tea and you went for a swim with papa and uncle daniel. he also showed you how to throw a basket ball reeeeeeal high! hahaha..he regretted doing that ;)

after the swim you were so tired. we went to peng-yi's house for yi-cheong's birthday party. his actual birthday was 18 march. but people do celebrate it earlier, so that there is more fun! and we get to rest the next day =)

you had such fun with alllll the jiejie...hahaha...see the pictures!

(so fun to play with jie jie...we love those sssshhhhoes!, peng-yi's house, singapore)

the day ended with a hearty singing of birthday song, yummy birthday cake...oooooo! =p

yi-cheong! Phff!

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