Sunday, September 23, 2007

love you sarah!

it pains me when you say 'dou-man mama...!" ( don't want mama).

this has been going on for months now. i told myself it will get better, i will do better. but i didn't seem to be doing better.

i know part of the reasons for such behavior. i only have myself to blame. mama asked God for help, but mama don't seem to listen to Him hard enough.

better manage my time - less time at work, more efficient working hours..., less time with friends and myself...patient with you. ensure time spend with you is quality time, more time with you now with papa back to school...

all did not seem to work. is staying home the only solution here? will it really get better?

mama really want you to grow up happy, confident, and not forgeting - righteous. ( that's why your name is 君 "jun")
it pains me, but mama have to continue insisting the vales that are so fast diappearing in modern living. Immediate gratification, fun and convinience surpass virtues and standards. mama is not perfect, far from perfect. but i am trying my very best.

i love you sarah. i may not show you in the way you can understand now. in time, i hope you can.

fav request "no teacher veedio!"

labrador park - look out area , sunday morning,
you were really excited!

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Anonymous said...

*sigh* that is the dilemma of a working mother ...

sometimes the devils advocate-method works .. no point trying hard to change things .. u will end up disappointed

Sth keeps me going
.. Need to distinguish between things we can control and things we cannot ..

Grant me the serenity to accept things i cannot change;
Courage to change things I can;
Wisdom to know the difference ...

GuGu of Sarah

(i personally feel u will end up less angry with yourself and a happier man at the end of the day)